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to create the world's best performing sports equipment.

The Clear  inspiration began with golf.  Years of research, development and testing resulted in our Clear  ball -- simply the finest USGA conforming golf ball that can be made with leading edge technology and materials. Due to Clear’s innovative and proprietary manufacturing process, Clear golf balls are available on a limited basis and are not available for sale to the general public. You may notice players at your club or featured in the media using Clear. These players have been offered Clear golf balls through an invitation-only membership program designed for golfers seeking peak performance and the maximum competitive advantage.  If you wish to join this select group of passionate golfers and be considered for Clear  membership, please click  golf .

The Clear  team carried the same principles of peak performance and competitive advantage forward with the design of the Clear 260  and Clear 300  tennis racquets.  Clear racquets are designed with the most advanced technology and materials available to create frames that offer more power and precision, with less effort.  Clear racquets also feature a proprietary Dual Resonance Technology (DRT) that provides for an exceptionally arm-friendly racquet.  For more info on Clear Tennis  or to select and order your Clear  racquet, please click  tennis .

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